Where and when to go on a safari, which for some may be a one time experience, is a multi-faceted decision.

You will need to decide which country to visit; Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia & South Africa are the most popular but you may prefer Namibia, for example, where you can combine your safari experience with a Skeleton Coast visit.

Are you concerned about the weather or prefer a guarantee of seeing the ‘Big Five’? Do you want to make sure you see the famous ‘Migration’? Perhaps you want to visit two or more different areas to give you a better chance of seeing everything you want to?

It’s very romantic and a wonderful experience to stay in a beautiful tented camp (some of them are very posh) but if larger hotels are more your thing you’ll have to choose carefully.

The best game drives are very early in the morning … are you an early riser?

We can help you with all of these decisions as we have been to all of these destinations … and more … why not plan one of the most sensational holidays for next year?

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